What my clients say…

I very much enjoyed working with Laura. She gave me concrete handles to tackle and rethink my approach to solve problems including to accept that sometimes it is also better to just move on and let go. (Career coaching – Academic)
Your support for me, means so much more than just the contact sessions. Your thoughts on reciprocity (by ‘giving back’, you ‘receive back’ and create a feedback loop) echoes my ethos, and by meeting you I sense more that I am not alone in this.  I better understand why I have been struggling with ‘keeping on, keeping on’. I am now not so bothered about finding a job at a certain level, but more about connecting with others and it is now much less important what other people think. (Career coaching)
Laura Norci has gifted me the ability to look at my life through different eyes, because of  how well she was able to guide me through my own being. Her words and her wisdom were very refreshing, helpful to feel regenerated, closer to yourself. She was always a  step ahead of me: anything I had in mind and/or was planning on mentioning, she already  knew. With a few words, she was already able to picture it all.  Her sessions were also extremely professional: there were lots of personal things I shared with her and there was no word misused from her side.  She was a great listener and helper. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach, for both career and life coaching.  (Career and life coaching)
Laura guided me to regain my self-confidence and, with her advice, I found an international job that fits my expectations. If you are looking for a super coach, this is the right place! (Career coaching)
Laura gave straightforward, practical advice that I found very helpful. Not only did she answer my questions about resume writing and interview skills, she helped me get into perspective my approach to my job search. I highly recommend her services. (Career Coaching)
Laura helped me to overcome a difficult period of my life by structuring my thoughts and options. She knows how to create a warm, trustful coaching environment. She helped giving me new insights to see my situation from a different viewpoint. Her empathic, supportive approach helped me to see valuable qualities in what I thought are shortcomings. She helped me to feel more empowered in preparation for my job interview and did a very good job in anticipating the interview situation. Laura has a sharp analytic mindset. In her coaching sessions I discovered aspects of myself that helped me to overcome communications problems. I highly recommend Laura as a job and life coach.” (Career coaching)
I was really pleased with Laura’s coaching sessions, and found her energy and focus both comforting and inspiring. She has the amazing skill of being able to put your entire path, values, experience, and goals into perspective. She visualizes the broad context of all your skills and experiences and turns them into definable, actionable goals. Her sessions would no doubt be of great value to anyone seeking more clarity in their life and career choices.  (Life and career coaching)
Laura is a dedicated professional equipped with an engaging mix of determination, insightfulness and flexibility. The sessions with her have not only been interesting, but also a learning moment and a self-discovery experience. Laura is very good in helping you reminding yourself of the objective that brought you there and in keeping you on the right track to achieve it. (Life coaching)
I always look forward to meeting Laura. She strikes a unique balance of warm and careful listening with sharing insights. She quickly pinpoints the patterns within a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful ideas or questions to contemplate.”(Life coaching)
Laura has been an essential help in finding the path I was looking for. For a long time I had been feeling stuck in a moment of impasse where I didn’t know what to do next to improve my life. She helped me look at my situation from an external, neutral point of view and this was important for me to find clarity. Once that clarity was obtained everything else fell into place. (Career counselling)
I was happy to receive such a dedicated attention to my work situation. Also to have a very detailed feedback about practical things like my CV and Motivation Letter was incredibly useful. (Career Coaching)
Our sessions have really helped me in that I felt I have a safe and private space to share my thoughts that were highly affected by the stressful ending of the academic year. As this stress triggered my anxiety issues, I felt that nothing could be more useful than having some help in structuring my thoughts and my plans –something which we were always doing together on your white board. At the same time, it is really important for me that you were giving me advice on how to handle situations that seemed to me difficult and complicated, whereas, in the end –and just as you were saying– they proved to be simple . Moreover, your guided meditation really made me remember the value of taking some time off thinking and, actually, I am still doing it in moments when I feel I need a break. I would like to mention that, what I appreciated the most, was that you were always expressing your willingness to keep in contact in case I would have had any questions or difficulties. This gave me some sense of safety and, at that point, I really needed it given that I am having a difficult time alone, in a foreign country.”  (Career coaching – Undergraduate student)
Laura has helped me tremendously when I was at the lowest point of my career life. After reorganization that happened when I was away on my maternity leave, I came back just to find out that I was no longer needed. Laura has helped me in regaining my self-esteem, my valuable qualities as a person. Her intuitive and non-intrusive method helped me to discover another side of myself and to learn more about myself. Through her guidance and coaching sessions I feel now much stronger. I feel very empowered, more than ever. Laura is an amazing coach, empathic, open-minded, passionate and has a warm heart. I am forever grateful that I met her during those difficult times.(Career Counselling and Coaching)