Counselling and Life Coaching

Counselling or Life Coaching is helpful when life presents you with difficult problems, or when something has happened, now or in the past, that gives you suffering.

It can be useful to speak with someone impartial, who can listen without judgement and can offer empathy. A counsellor can support you in a difficult situation, to help process feelings at your own pace and find back your balance. Your sessions are confidential as counsellors are ethically bound to secrecy.

Life Coaching can help if you have a specific goal, such as a difficult decision or some aspect of your life that you would like to change. I can help you to break the problem down and make it achievable. I believe that everyone is able to change and improve, but also that it’s not always easy to do that alone.

I use a Person-Centred approach. This approach was introduced by Carl Rogers, and is also known as humanistic or Rogerian.  In Person-Centred therapy or life coaching the counsellor or coach is genuine and transparent with the client,  respectful and able to listen empathically.

Watch this video for a short explanation by Carl Rogers himself:

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