Life Coaching

My personal experience includes the challenges of a competitive career and a drastic career change . Having moved to several countries for my work, I know what challenges this brings to family life, the difficulty of communicating across different cultures, social isolation, health problems and other difficulties. 

I can help if you are confused or stuck to identify the problem, to process feelings at your own pace and find back your balance. If you have a goal we will find together the strategy that best works for you. I will help you to break down the goal in small achievable parts and identify the concrete actions that will ensure to reach the final goal.

Sessions are confidential as coaches are ethically bound to secrecy.


I follow a Person-Centred approach.  I am genuine towards the client, avoid judgement and provide respect and empathy. The client is central in the process in which I act only as a facilitator.

I can listen while acting as a mirror for the client, reformulating their story as I understand it, and sometimes gently challenge the client. 

I create a supportive environment that allows the client to experience personal growth. I strive to form a close, more personal relationship with the client which favours trust.

This approach was introduced by Carl Rogers, and is also known as humanistic or Rogerian.  Watch this video for a short explanation by Carl Rogers himself:

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