Laura Norci: certified counsellor, life and career coach. 

life coach

I use talk-therapy to help clients deal with  emotions and improve their well-being. I strive to create a warm environment in which I can help the client, with kindness and without judgement.

A life and career coach has the training for dealing both with personal problems and with career problems. In either case a coach empowers people to reach their goals by helping with

  • achieve clarity of objectives
  • helping in dividing the main goal in small achievable ones
  • developing more successful strategies
  • more effective approach if personal life and career are entangled 

I follow a Person-Centered or Humanistic Approach. Click here to read more about Person-Centered counselling.

Normally sessions can be in person or via Skype; in English or Italian. (Skype sessions are also possible outside working hours.)

Update Covid-19 measures: following national guidelines sessions  in person are again possible. Every precaution will be taken to provide a safe environment. Free intake sessions are offered only online or by telephone.

My Strengths

My training as a counsellor and as researcher in physics may seem like an odd combination. However I offer clients a unique perspective, having experience both with rigorous scientific reasoning and with a more intuitive approach to our “self”.

With this background, I can provide you with:

  • deep listening, offering empathy and acceptance
  • personal experience with the challenges of competitive careers
  • a deep knowledge of the world of research and education
  • personal experience with career change
  • personal experience in areas such as family, careers, cultural integration, especially for international professionals
  • help with public speaking skills
  • analytical and logical skills
  • rigorous ethical standards and professionality
My background

I studied Physics and Astronomy. I worked as a teacher and as a researcher and lecturer.  I have been group manager, student tutor, and mentor.

I have worked as a researcher in Italy, Germany, and in the Republic of Ireland.

I am certified as an Integrative and Career Counsellor and Coach (Person-Centred Approach) at the Academie voor Counselling en Coaching (CrKBO¹ registered Training School), and have a Doctorate Degree in Physics.

¹Central Register Short Vocational Education

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