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Academic and Personal Pathways offers life coaching and career coaching.

Free Intake Sessions. 

Appoint for a free intake 


Sessions are usually of 60 min. Longer or shorter sessions can be agreed.

Working hours are 12-7 pm on working days and 12-5 pm on Saturdays. Online sessions are also possible after 9 pm.

Special offer for students: 30% discount.

Life Coaching Packages

Personalized programs. We will discuss the details during the intake.

Examples of career coaching packages (usually 3-5 sessions)

  • Job Applications: CV review. Motivation letter. Mock interview.
  • Career Change: identification of goals, strong points and achievements, core values and making a plan.
  • Long-term support for career transition: advice on retraining, Motivation and strategies.
  • Career Problems: personal core values and company/institution values, conflicts with institution or colleagues, diversity issues.
  • Academic careers: career strategies using my extensive personal experience in junior and senior academic roles (more on:
  • Difficulties and conflict in academia: authorship, patents, improving team work , dealing with authority, supervision.

Extra support: every package includes email or telephone contacts between sessions.

Coaching can be subtracted from your tax declaration. 
Your employer may provide a budget for career coaching.

For any complaints that are not amicably resolved my clients can refer to: