Tailored for Academics

Academic careers are different from other very competitive careers. This kind of career is mostly driven by a passion for your subject and less by economic factors.

There are many reasons that contribute to a successful academic career. A specific talent in a certain discipline is often not enough. Other skills contribute to success, together with a lot of hard work. The rewards are many but also the difficulties.

Personal problems can obstruct the success of a young academic. Issues with self-esteem, doubts about their career choice, procrastination, motivation, fear of failure, and difficulties with performance under pressure can stand in the way of success. Lack of focus can contribute to this difficulties.

Also Ph.D. students and young reseachers are in a especially vulnerable position. In principle they are coached by a supervisor or PI, and the university has a duty of care towards them . However, all sorts of things can go wrong in this relationship: incompatibility, communication problems aggravated by the power difference with the supervisor, ethical problems etc.

In short, life or career coaching for people in academic careers require a different focus, together with the knowledge of how it feels to be an academic.

I put all my extensive experience in higher education and research at the service of students or academics to overcome difficulties or reshape their careers. I can tailor the coaching to the specific case in hand.

I can:

  • help overcome personal issues, problems with motivation, performance, self-esteem or anything else bothering you
  • help to develop efficient study plans or re-organise research work
  • support you in difficult moments when you feel you aren’t getting adequate advice
  • guide you in navigating difficult situations when there is conflict, or where ethical issues are involved
  • help choose the academic career that most suits your skills and interests
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