Coaching for Public Speaking

As an expert public speaker, I also offer training on how to communicate best with an audience and avoid excessive stress.

I help you to put your content in the best form for the specific audience and to define your style. We work together on the best way to achieve a confident and stress-free delivery.

My Talks

I can also deliver talks in person to your audience on various subjects.

Popular titles: The teenage brain, How to deal with our teenagers, Positive psychology: can we learn to live happier? The universe and us: the search for meaning.

Talks on all astronomical subjects are available on demand at outreach level. For schools or for enlivening a meeting with something unusual and always fascinating.

Examples: Let’s put it in scale: Our solar system, The life of stars, The universe of galaxies, We are made of stardust, Where have chemical elements come from, Is there life out there?