Free Intake

I offer a free-of-charge intake session  during which we will have a conversation in a relaxed atmosphere about what is required by the client and what I can offer. No commitments for future sessions will be expected at the end of this intake session.

Normal hourly rates for individual clients: 

€ 70 (inclusive BTW).

Student discounts available.

Anyone with limited funds should bring this up during the intake session, so we can discuss the possible options.


Face-to-face or on Skype in English or Italian.

Working hours 12-18:00 in working days and on Saturday. Skype sessions are also possible in the evenings after working hours.

Unfortunately my fees are not refundable by Dutch insurances. However, on the positive side, an advantage of this is an increased privacy for the client, as nobody needs to know what problem the client brings in the sessions.  

For any complaints that are not amicably resolved my clients can refer to: