Free Intake

I offer a free, online intake session.  In this session we will discuss what kind of service the clients requires and what form could take.

Life Coaching

Personalized programs. We will discuss the details during the intake.

Career Coaching Packages

  • Job Applications: CV review. Motivation letter. Mock interview.
  • Career Change: identification of goals, strong points and achievements, core values and making a plan.
  • Long-term support for career transition: advice on retraining, Motivation and strategies.
  • Career Problems: personal core values and company/institution values, conflicts with institution or colleagues, diversity issues.
  • Academic careers: career strategies using my extensive personal experience in junior and senior academic roles.
  • Difficulties and conflict in academia: authorship, patents, improving team work , dealing with authority, supervision.
  • Student package:  clients younger than 30 yr can get personalized discounted programs.

Extra support: every package includes email or telephone contacts between sessions.


Face-to-face or online, in English or in Italian.

Working hours are 12-7pm on working days and 12-5pm on Saturdays but online sessions are also possible after 9pm.

Life coaching costs are unfortunately not refundable by insurances. 
Career coaching can be partly or totally subtracted from your tax declaration, if your employer does not pay for your coaching.

For any complaints that are not amicably resolved my clients can refer to: